Are Private Wealth Strategies Too Risky & Can You Lose All of Your Money?

These are the two biggest questions on every investors mind (especially if you don’t have a lot of investing experience).

The Private Investment Markets are very similar to the Public Markets in this regard because there are varying levels of risk in both. 

You may access the Private Markets via Private Portfolio Management companies which offer portfolios to suit any type of investor, from conservative (lower risk) to growth (higher risk).

In the Private Markets you also have access to the Exempt Market which is a much higher risk space.  It has the potential to deliver outsized returns but it’s important to assess your investor profile, i.e. your age, time horizon to retirement, risk tolerance and financial objectives before you ever invest there.


Investing does come with risks but with Private Wealth Strategies there are options to suit almost any type of investor – from low to high risk.

If you would like to learn more about Private Wealth Strategies and how they can benefit your portfolio, please contact me anytime.


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