Private Portfolio Management

Building the Foundation of Your Portfolio


Portfolio Management – An Overview

As your wealth continues to grow over time, more sophisticated investment options become available to you and you begin to have access to the same portfolio options as high net worth and institutional investors.

These higher net worth and institutional investors have access to professional Portfolio Managers who make investment decisions based on a client’s goals and objectives.

Discretionary Portfolio Management is offered at all the major banks and financial institutions and generally becomes available to investors when they have a minimum investment portfolio amount of $200,000.


PRIVATE Portfolio Management

Private Portfolio Management companies, on the other hand, are found outside of the major banks.  These are large private firms that manage the assets of some of Canada’s wealthiest families.

There are many benefits to Private Portfolio Management and the following will explain why I feel this is an excellent place for my clients to build the “foundation” of their portfolio – as an alternative to traditional investment types.


Private Portfolio Management – The Benefits:


Potentially Higher Returns

Private Portfolio Managers have access to unique, alternative investment strategies which can give them an edge in the marketplace.

This in turn allows them to achieve greater downside protection for their clients…

Downside Protection

With typical investments that follow the markets, a profound loss can be hard for investors (particularly retirees) to recover from.

It’s important to hire a Portfolio Manager that historically has proven to shelter client portfolios in challenging markets.

Downside protection can lead to more consistent returns over time.

More Consistent Returns

The public stock markets can experience a lot of volatility.

Private Portfolio Managers have shown their ability to offer a more consistent return for their clients which is important as you grow your portfolio and also as you draw on funds through retirement.

Excellent Companies Available

There are strong companies available with long track records of results for their clients.


To Sum Up

I hope this has been a helpful summary to explain some of the benefits of Private Portfolio Management.  This can be an excellent, alternative option for the “foundation” portion of your investment portfolio.

I am very happy to have this strategy to offer to my clients.  If you want to talk more specifically about the Private Portfolio Managers that I offer through referral, and their performance to date – contact me.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. If you want to learn more about Private Wealth Strategies in general, I invite you to read my post “Private Wealth Strategies – The Great Investing Alternative“.






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