Successful Private Investments to Date (February 2019)

I spend a lot of time focused in on the high-risk nature of the Exempt Market and all of the potential things that could go wrong in a private investment.  I do this for two reasons:

1.)  There is always a possibility of loss when it comes to investing and I want to make sure my clients understand this up front – before ever making an investment. I never want anyone to head into a private investment thinking there is any kind of “guarantee”.

2.)  I want to keep the regulators happy – and the provincial securities commissions are much happier when I speak to the risk of private investing so that investors are fully aware of the risks involved.

You have only to look at my blog posts to see this for yourself – and that is also why I feel very happy to change it up a little:).  Because there have to be some big positives, right?  Why else would anyone invest here and why would I have worked in this industry for 12+ years?

Fortunately, there are all kinds of successful outcomes in the Exempt Market and many investors have been able to achieve well above average returns on their private investments.

Today, I am only going to speak about some of the investments that I personally have offered to my clients over the years through various Exempt Market Dealers.  There are, of course, numerous other success stories out there in the industry but these are all from personal experience.

Some of these investments have wrapped up completely, giving investors a complete return of capital along with high rates of return.  Some are ongoing with successful companies offering high returns over a lengthy period of time.

So, without further ado, here is the list of PRIVATE INVESTMENT SUCCESS STORIES…


Successful Private Investments That Have Completely Wrapped Up

Name of Issuer Description Result
This fund started in Sept 2012 and involved buying, improving and selling commercial real estate in the southern U.S. The fund completely wrapped up Dec 2016 and investors averaged an IRR of 13.5% before taxes and a 1.46x equity multiple.

Prestige Capital

(Calgary Airport Hotels)

 Hampton Inn

This investment started in 2011 with all investors as preferred shareholders earning a cumulative 8% annual return.

In Dec 2014, investors had the option to move to common share position in order to participate in profit sharing with the eventual sale of the hotel.  Approximately half of investors moved to common share position.

In Jan 2018, preferred shareholders were paid out earning 8% annual return over 6-7 years and all of their capital returned. 

Common shareholders are still awaiting a sale of the hotel to see a final result.

Secure Care Investments

This was a bond offering that started in 2013 and involved raising capital for a factoring company.

All of their investors had their capital returned in 2018 and made 10% annual return over 5 yrs.


Successful Private Investments Offering Ongoing Distributions


Name of Issuer

(+ Offering Closed or Available to Investors)


Date Distributions Started

Current Rate of Return

Frequency of Distributions



This issuer buys businesses and has built a portfolio of revenue producing companies.

Jul 2013

10% annual return




This fund started in 2014 and involved buying, improving and selling commercial real estate in the southern U.S.

Apr 2014

7% annual return


Hopitel Income Trust


This issuer provides infotainment and education platforms throughout hospitals in Quebec and Ontario.


Dec 2015

10% annual return


 Invico Diversified Income Fund


This issuer has a portfolio that focuses on income, energy and real estate. They have a variety of unit classes and terms available.  They also offer profit sharing potential.

Oct 2013

8-10% annual return + profit sharing potential


Prestige Hospitality Opportunity Fund


This issuer purchases branded hotels throughout Canada.  They offer regular distributions as well as the potential for profit sharing.

Mar 2017

4% annual return + Profit sharing potential


Secure Capital MIC


This issuer deals in 1st and 2nd mortgages with a focus in Southern Ontario.  They offer a set rate of return and have one of the most flexible redemption possibilities in the private markets.

May 2007

8% annual return


Triumph REIF


This issuer buys, improves and sells commercial real estate in Canada and the U.S.

They offer regular distributions plus the potential for profit sharing.

April 2015

Approximately 5-6% annual return + profit sharing potential.



If you are interested in learning more about any of our “available” investment offerings, please contact me anytime.  I will send you more information along with the Offering Memorandum for the investment.

Thank you.


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